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agence conseil en email marketing
agence conseil en email marketing

What is a newsletter?

Email marketing is a highly personal form of communication. Sometimes accompanied by images or graphics, the goal of email marketing is to deliver personalized information—discounts, suggestions, contests—to the customer you wish to influence. At its core, email marketing is a form of relationship marketing.

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Why include newsletter marketing in your strategy?

Email marketing is an effective way to offer value to your customers while simultaneously improving brand image and loyalty. By reaching an audience of existing and potential customers, email marketing helps increase interest in your business.

How can I start a newsletter?

It's always a good idea to first create an overarching structure. Next, you need to choose a subject line that interests your audience—this will optimize your email opening rate. Subsequently, it’s important to write a catchy first line of the email—a good ‘teaser’—which will further entice the receiver to open it. Finally, it’s important to optimize the structure of your newsletter for mobile devices; this is especially important since studies have shown that most people delete an email that doesn't display well on mobile.

Different types of newsletters

We use three different types of newsletters: the welcome email, the one-time email, and the automated email.

An effective welcome message leads the client to discover your offers, services or products. It should also guide them towards an initial visit of your website.

The one-time email corresponds to a singular promotion or event.

The automated email is sent automatically in response to a client action. For example, a transaction confirmation.

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What are the best software for email marketing?

There are two primary categories of software: those which handle automation, and those pertaining to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

User-friendly automation allows for automated emails to be programmed according to precise criteria. The most popular software in this category include: Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Moosend, SenditBlue, and GetResponse.

In contrast, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software collect data on both your existing and potential clients. Every instance of interaction is archived and accessible, providing you with practical information with which to produce relevant newsletter content. The most popular software in this category are: HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesforces, Nutshell, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Canadian legislation

“Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) protects consumers and enterprises against the abusive use of digital technology, including spam and other electronic threats. It aims to support enterprises in staying competitive in a global digital market. Be informed of current legislation, as well as strategies to stay protected against spam, and report it as needed.”

Spam is unsolicited email correspondence. It’s also essential to ensure that the client provides their consent to be contacted before your newsletter is sent out.

agence conseil en email marketing

Metrics and results feedback

Metrics and results feedback There are several tools and performance indicators that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your newsletter campaign. By analyzing these indicators, you have the power to continuously adjust your strategy and improve your campaign results. Whether it be by rate of openings, clicks, conversions or other indicators, a consistent and efficient study of your engagement guarantees that you gain the return on investment that you desire.

Opening rate
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Deliverability rates
Unsubscribe rates
Click-to-Open Rates (CTOR)
Response rates
Sender score
Rebound rate
Spam report rate
Conversion rate
Generated leads and sales
Traffic towards website
Return on investment (ROI)
Distribution of openings according to hour of day
Distribution of clicks according to positioning

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