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SEM-Référencement payant

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) includes, among other things, a strategy under the Google Ads platform formerly known as Google AdWords. This strategy can be deployed on several initiatives, i.e. paid campaigns in the search network, in the display network, in the shopping network and in the Youtube network. This strategy works on the principle of CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and allows you to appear in the first paid results of a search. We will put forward the best techniques for creating and optimising paid search campaigns.
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seo référencement naturel

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of methods, processes, techniques, content, inbound/outbound links and expertise that are used to ensure that your website comes up in the first results when a user (and potential customer) searches on Google or other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. There is no magic formula here: only the experience, rigour and consistency of your web agency, as well as the structure, quality, quantity and type of your on and off-site content, will succeed in getting your valuable address to the top of the search results and considerably increase its web traffic, leads and sales.
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Réseaux sociaux

SMM/SMA/SSO - Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Are you present on social networks? Great. But are you achieving your goals for growth, retention, profitability, loyalty, etc.? Are you active enough? Are you addressing the right audience? Are your ads generating sales or leads for your products and services? Let us create and implement a strategy among the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and some others. We will put forward several digital initiatives to create the right audiences, the right paid ads and ensure synergy between the different platforms to achieve your goals by maximizing your ROI (Return On Investment).
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Site Web

Website Design and UX Optimization

We design hundreds of user-friendly websites with modern and distinctive design and content. But where we really stand out is in our conversion and SEO optimised approach. Designing a website for customers who already know your business is very different from designing a website for future customers who do not yet know your business. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration at the beginning of the design process that will save you significant amounts of money in the months following the launch of the website. These factors will also allow future customers to find you in a Google search and take a conversion action such as calling, sending a form, emailing, purchasing and/or making an appointment. Here are some of the elements we take into consideration and optimise for both users and robots when designing or optimising a website; The information/content architecture, the quantity, quality and types of content, the types of calls to action, the conversion funnel in consideration of the online user journey according to your industry and your products/services, the structuring of your pages to avoid a ''cannibalisation'' principle for SEO, the internal linkage, the search terms that you have a high probability of positioning in the first search results according to your digital competitors and many other factors. Read more

Retargeting and Audience Building

For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, it is essential to get the right information to the right target at the right time. This includes using the right media at the right time, and expressing yourself in the right visuals and language for the user. Retargeting strategies, also known as retargeting or remarketing, allow us to retarget our prospects at the right time. These strategies consist of reconnecting with a user who has visited a website, but has not taken action (e.g. has not called or bought anything). Also these strategies allow you to build and grow your audience through the use of cookies, utm, glid, mobile IDs and lookalikes. By building your audience, you will be able to reach more users who may have an interest in your products & services and initiate or motivate buying interest at the most opportune moments in their online research, consideration and purchase journey.
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Email Marketing and Newsletters

To motivate a user to perform a conversion action (e.g. call, buy) or to build customer loyalty and pass on relevant information, every business should look at the possibilities of implementing a direct email marketing and newsletter strategy - in addition to having a website and social media pages. This digital strategy has long been proven to work for millions of SMEs of all sizes and sectors. There are many elements to consider, such as: the tool to use, Bill C-28, types of mailings and newsletters, measurements of results, etc.
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Web Performance Analytics

Take advantage of our powerful web analytics and performance software. This will allow you to easily understand which marketing strategies are providing you with quality leads. What is the exact user journey online before a conversion action or after a conversion action. What are the attribution patterns of your conversions. You will also be able to know which strategy, keyword, digital channel your calls, forms and sales are coming from. Specifically, which elements are bringing you new revenue and customers. With this information, you will be able to fully adapt your marketing strategies based on real results and improve your return on investment (ROI).
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Marketing and Financial Analysis

You have invested a lot of money in marketing and advertising, but you still don't know your return on investment? Do you have questions about which digital strategies to invest more in and which to invest less in? What is your cost per customer call or cost per lead (CPL)? What is your conversion rate from web visitor to customer? What is your customer acquisition cost (CAC)? Just like your personal investments in the stock market, your company's advertising programme must generate a Return On Investment (ROI). We analyze every investment product, strategy, platform and advertising channel you've invested in to date to provide you with insight and third-party recommendations for your next marketing investment discussions with your agency, board, team and colleagues.
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Visitor Track

Using VisitorTrack technology and software, learn exactly which business is visiting your site, which prospect seems interested in your products or services and how to reach the right person in real time. This B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing and sales technology tool is easy to use and install on your website, and will enhance your business development efforts to increase your business opportunities.
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