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Many people confuse SEM, paid search, pay per click, cost per click and other technical terms that are common in the Web marketing vocabulary, and with good reason. While some are synonymous, others are rather complementary: here are the definitions of each of them so that you can better understand them, as well as the services offered by our experts and senior managers in paid search.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term that refers to a set of strategies that website administrators can use to achieve better visibility in search engines.
These include :

Although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is therefore not synonymous with (PPC) Pay Per Click or Paid Search.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is one of the SEM strategies and consists of placing advertisements on search engines to improve the visibility of a site.

These advertisements are governed by the pay per click (PPC) principle (the advertiser only pays for the clicks that its advert receives).

To run a paid search campaign on Google, we use Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).


PPC or Pay per Click

PPC is the method of payment for the purchase of advertising space, the amount of which is based solely on the number of times a user clicks on the advertiser’s banner.

You click on a clothing advertisement on your favourite blog. The advertiser will have to pay the blog administrator for the click. What you are probably more interested in here is PPC in relation to search engines. In this context, PPC refers to the payment method of an advertiser who wants to buy keywords on a search engine. The price of the keywords is determined by bids: generally, the more a keyword is coveted by the competition, the more its cost per click will increase.

You type “women’s jeans” into Google and click on an advert that appears at the top of the search results. The advertiser will have to pay Google for this click.

Pay per click is not the same as cost per click.


While pay per click is the way an advertiser is charged for its advertising placement (whether on a website or on a search engine), cost per click is the amount an advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on its ad.

Example for an advertisement displayed on a website:
If the cost per click is determined to be $0.25, the advertiser will pay $0.25 each time a visitor to the site clicks on its advertisement.

Example for a search engine advertisement:
If the cost per click for the keyword “women’s jeans” is $0.83, the advertiser will pay $0.83 each time a visitor clicks on its advertisement appearing in the search results following her query for “women’s jeans”.

However, it is the keyword bidding system of search engines like Google that will determine the final cost per click for a given term. We will explain this concept a little further on.

Wave Wave

What is the average cost per click?

A study conducted by Serpwatch in 2020 found the average cost per click of keywords purchased by different industries on Google Search.
Here they are:

Keywords Cost per click
Law and Justice 5,88$
Employment Services (recruitment) 4,20
Finance and insurance 3,72
Health and medical care 3,17$
Household goods 3,19$
Technologies 1,78$
Real estate 1,81$
B2B (business-to-business services) 1,64$
Tourism and travel 1,55$
Automotive 1,43$
Online stores 0,88$


Source: https://serpwatch.io


Google Ads Bids
Before you design your ad, you should first determine which keywords will be most profitable for you. For example, if you have a women’s clothing shop and want to promote your jeans for a month, you could choose “women’s jeans”, “women’s denim” and “women’s trousers”.

Since your competitors also want to link their ads to these keywords, you will need to tell Google the maximum amount you are willing to pay to “buy” each of these.

Will my ad appear on the first page of results?
If you have bid less than your competitors for a keyword, they will probably see their advert appear before yours: your advert may then not be on the first page… or even not appear at all in the search results.

Will I have to spend huge amounts of money to get on the first page?
Not necessarily. If, for example, the cost per click for “women’s jeans” is too high for your return on investment to be worthwhile, you can focus only on other keyword
options (such as “women’s denim”) or on certain days or times. In addition, Google Ads allows you to set a budget per campaign. This means that when your budget reaches its limit, your ad will stop appearing in the search results.

PH Contribution 

If you are concerned about investing your money in the right bidding strategies, the right search terms, the right keywords, the right ads, the right ad extensions, the right days, the right times, the right geographical territories or postcodes, etc., PH DIGITAL will offer you optimisations, initiatives and strategies for Google Ads that will benefit you. PH DIGITAL will suggest optimisations, initiatives and strategies for Google Ads that will benefit you.

Did you know that...
... the first 3 ads on the first page of Google search results get 40% of the clicks?
This is why it is important to position yourself on the first page of search results for the keywords that are part of your strategy.


Although you may be at the top of the bidding for a keyword, this does not mean that your ad will rank ahead of your competitors’ ads. Google will rate the quality of your ad and campaigns from 1 to 10 and will favour those that score highly. This score is influenced by, among other things

  • the relevance of the keyword to the ad / the quality of the ad;
  • the destination page (this must meet the needs of Internet users as much as possible, depending on the search performed).
  • the click-through rates (CTR) of the ads (this is a way for Google to maximise its income: it sells to the highest bidders and the best performers).

PH Contribution 

We design campaigns for our clients that achieve very high quality scores by creating and optimising high quality ads and ad extensions with high content, calls to action and CTRs and effective landing pages, which are favoured by Google and increase the chances of your ad being positioned favourably in the search results as well as in their cost per click.

Google Shopping: even more visibility

Google also offers Google Shopping. These are selected items that appear to the right of the ads on the first page of search results and in the price comparison / shopping tab of the Google search engine. Since these items include an image, a brief description and a price, they make shopping easier. If you want some of your promoted products to appear in this section, you will need to start a Google Ads campaign, create a product feed and a Google Merchant Center account. The quality of your product feed as well as the quality of your Google Ads campaigns are important elements in order to have a good visibility of your products and performance

The advantages of paid referencing and Google Ads campaigns

1. Get immediate results
Launch an AdWords paid search engine optimization campaign today in Montreal, on the South Shore, on the North Shore, in Laval or anywhere else in Quebec and see the traffic on your website and your conversion rate increase the very next day! Like a faucet that you turn on only when you need water, you will use paid search engine optimization to maximize your online marketing strategy at the right time.
2. Target your customers with precision
It is well known that aiming for everyone is a major marketing mistake. AdWords sponsored links allow you to precisely target prospects at specific times of the day or periods of the year. We optimize bids based on age, geographic location, buying habits, interests, etc. The result? You significantly increase your chances of converting your visitors into buyers.
3. Stick to your budget to the letter
Paid search avoids cost overruns, while you can increase or decrease daily bids (keyword prices fluctuate from day to day, from minute to minute, depending on demand, which is what auctions are for).
4. Achieve measurable results
You will be able to know your exact ROI (return on investment) as well as the precise cost of customer acquisition.
5. Strengthen your notoriety
Going into PPC, or CPC also means making your company or brand known to a larger pool of customers. In short to medium term, customers who have become familiar with your company or brand will be more likely to buy your products or services.


You’ve heard about paid search, but you haven’t dared to take the plunge for fear of throwing your money away because you don’t know much about it? Do you have doubts about your performance with your current SEM agency?

Or you may have already tried Google Ads on your own and didn’t get the expected results. Starting an advertising campaign like this is no easy task. If you want your campaigns to pay off, you’ll need to invest a lot of time, partly to acquire a good knowledge of digital marketing.

Optimize your existing campaigns

If you have already invested in digital marketing campaigns (including AdWords campaigns), our senior experts with over 15 years of experience will first prepare an analysis report which will be followed by an improved campaign architecture redesign to improve your ROI. In addition, we will seek to learn more about your business to help you set achievable goals for increasing your customer base and sales, primarily.

We will then advise you on the best search terms to buy that are most likely to achieve your objectives within your budget. We will monitor them regularly to ensure that you are paying the best price and getting the desired benefits. Our weekly optimizations ensure high quality scores and optimal cost per conversion. We ensure that your campaigns generate a number of conversions that match your business objectives. Of course, we will define with you the said “conversions”: calls, forms, shop visits, sales, emails, quote requests, etc.


Implementing optimization solutions (market and competitor analysis, analysis of search and negative keywords);
Creation of the strategy infrastructure (creation of campaigns, adgroups, ads, ad extensions);
Weekly optimization of campaigns;
Automated scripts with the Google Ads API;
Advanced auction management;
Integration of leading conversion optimization software, including CallTrack and ExperienceTrack

Advanced integrated campaign optimization taking into consideration all digital acquisition channels, different conversion attribution models and the entire user journey;
Enhancements based on advanced keyword leve ltracking technologies that generate quality calls and sales;
Remarketing (i.e. targeting potential customers who have visited your site, but have not taken any conversion action).

At PH DIGITAL, we have a deep knowledge of local and international markets.

Whether you are in Montreal, on the South Shore, on the North Shore, in Laval and everywhere in Quebec, our team of senior SEM managers will ensure that your Google Ads campaigns deliver the results you expect.