Retargeting and Remarketing | Audience Building and Development

For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, it is essential to get the right information to the right target at the right time. This includes using the right media at the right time, and expressing yourself in a way that is visually and linguistically optimal for the user.
There are several strategies for growing your audience, including retargeting or remarketing. At PH Digital, we have a wealth of ideas to help you deliver tailored content to your audience. Read more to discover the unsuspected benefits of retargeting!

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a broadcasting technique initiated by the advertising network Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). That said, it is now possible and even advisable to do retargeting on other platforms such as social networks.
Retargeting is the process of contacting a user who has visited a website but not taken action (e.g. did not call or buy anything). This is achieved by exposing them to advertising that corresponds exactly to their previous searches when they browse other sites and platforms at appropriate times.
A concrete example of retargeting:

Mathieu, one of the members of the PH Digital team is a motorbike enthusiast. When shopping online for a new bike, he visits the websites of several motorbike dealerships. On Dealer X’s website, Mathieu finds the bike of his dreams…but it’s a little too expensive, so he leaves Dealer X’s website and visits the competitors’ websites. In between visits to the websites, Mathieu goes on his Facebook page and what does he see…an advertisement from Dealer X offering him the bike of his dreams that he had seen earlier, but this time with a discount… Mathieu buys the bike.

What really happened? When Mathieu visited the details of the bike he was interested in, Mathieu was identified by a cookie… When Mathieu went to Facebook, the dealer bought an ad to retarget Mathieu on Facebook with the product he was interested in… at an unbeatable price! The same type of situation has probably happened to you when you were surfing the web. You now realise that it’s no coincidence that you see ads for the products you just looked at online… you’ve been retargeted!


The advantages of using this technique are numerous:

  • Your targeting is optimal, because you are reaching users who already show an interest in your company;
  • You have the ability to tailor your retargeting lists to meet specific objectives (e.g. targeting those who added items to their shopping cart but did not complete the transaction);
  • You can boost your audience development when your remarketing list members browse the countless websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

In short, with retargeting, you will considerably increase your chances of converting a user into a prospect or, even better, a customer!

How does retargeting work?

To create lists of people who have visited your website, a code must be inserted on your page. When someone visits this page, an anonymous cookie will be placed on their computer. The user’s ID will then be automatically added to the corresponding Google Ads remarketing list.

This process is essential to create a paid advertisement that hits the mark. Your ad can be displayed on the Google Display Network, in the search engine or on YouTube. Facebook can also be used to run a retargeting campaign – on its own network and on Instagram, or even on a network of partner websites. The possibilities are endless!

Audience Building and Development

To build and grow a company's audience, we can, as we have just seen, use the cookies of targeted users to create a retargeting list, we can also use the principles of utm, glid, mobile identifiers and lookalike. By building your audience, this will allow you to reach more users who may have an interest in your products & services and initiate or motivate buying interest at the most appropriate times in their online research, consideration and purchase journey.
It is also possible to use email marketing (e.g.: sending a newsletter from a database). It is also possible to use Facebook and Google to identify audiences with the same demographic profile as your best's a very effective way to expose your company to Internet users likely to be interested in your products or services! One thing is for sure, the web offers a world of possibilities to reach your target audience by taking into account their fields of interest!


If you are interested in retargeting, the Google Ads platform offers several retargeting methods for businesses, for example:

  • Dynamic;
  • By customer list;
  • Standard;
  • Video.

Knowing the crucial elements to make an informed choice among the many options available is not for everyone. Talk to a professional who will propose a personalized strategy using state-of-the-art tools and software.

The Facebook Business Manager platform also offers several retargeting methods for businesses. Facebook retargeting can be used to target the followers of a Facebook page, but it can also be used to target third-party audiences, such as those from a website or external database. Here are some examples of targeting criteria:

  • By socio-demographic criteria;
  • By area of interest
  • By personalised audience
  • By similar audience
  • By recorded audience

Several other steps will be required to create your retargeting campaigns. Our experts will be able to guide you or create everything for your company so that your digital strategies are the most optimal.

For your successful retargeting campaigns, trust PH Digital, your digital marketing reference in Montreal!

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