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Retargetting agency montreal
Retargetting agency montreal

What is retargeting/remarketing?

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to target your website visitors with an ad after they leave your site. Having already shown interest in your products or services, visitors will therefore be more inclined to react to your advertising, thus maximizing your return on investment.

Using browser cookies, you can measure the actions of your website visitors. Thus, you’re not only able to improve the interface and user experience but to also adapt your advertising campaigns accordingly.

What are the benefits of retargeting?

There are several reasons to include retargeting in your digital marketing strategy. One of the most common is to convert a potentially qualified visitor: target a visitor who has spent some time on a page or product. Therefore, you can reach prospects who already have an interest in your company and reduce the effort required to convert them to a client.

Retargetting agency montreal

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting works through the use of code snippets that are installed on your site. These snippets then track all visitor action on your website and identifies them on other platforms and sites. When a user visits your site, a cookie is downloaded to their browser. Subsequently, when this same user visits other sites or social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube), the cookie gets recognized and the ads of your retargeting campaign are shown.

Audience development

Depending on the profile of your visitors, you can create different audiences. An audience is a grouping (pool) of targetable people based on factors like their interests, buying journey, age, and many other defining statistics. To maximize your return on investment, it’s therefore essential to define your audience from the onset. Given the fact that customer preferences vary, it can be helpful to curate your message to your various audience segments . You can even remove website visitors from an audience according to certain criteria; for example, website visitors who spend too short of a time frame on your website—which may indicate a lack of interest—and may not be worth including in your retargeting audience .

Types of Retargeting

There are three main families of retargeting in digital marketing: Display banners, social networks and e-mails.

Display retargeting is the most commonly used type and concerns all advertisements displayed through banners and images on sites other than your own. The Google Ads platform is the most widespread and offers several tools to optimize your retargeting campaign.

You can create a highly specific campaign on social media, tailored directly to your customers’ interests. Facebook is often the most popular amongst advertisers, not least because of its market share but because it provides an impressive range of options to precisely define an audience. In reality, each social media platform has its niche market. For example, LinkedIn is excellent for B2B, Instagram for the Millennial generation, or Pinterest for a fashion audience. Check out our page on our social media agency services to learn more!

One of the most effective retargeting strategies—albeit one which requires more user information—is email retargeting. As explained on our Email Marketing page, emails are an effective method to nurture an audience that has already shared some of their information with you. Because customers usually subscribe to a newsletter out of interest, email marketing therefore gives you the right to communicate directly with them, which simplifies the conversion process.

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