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What is natural referencing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process that aims to maximize the number of visitors to your website. It does this by ensuring that your website is among the first results (ranking positions) displayed by search engines.

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Search engine optimization is a discipline that remains vague in the eyes of many. We guarantee transparency and the measurement of quantifiable results with a strategy defined around the following:

Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Where should I start?

We must first define a strategy that revolves around two core activities: an audit of your website and analysis of your target market on Google.

We consider four factors when selecting target keywords for your SEO strategy:>

1 - The relevance of the keywords to your commercial offer

While some keywords imply greater user purchase intent, others are more relevant to top-of-funnel informational intent. If used strategically however, the latter can still be beneficial to brand awareness.

2 - The KD score (Keyword Difficulty)

Is a metric specific to each keyword that estimates the amount of SEO effort required to position your site for this query. This metric is closely related to the competitive landscape of your market on Google.

3 - The monthly search volume

Is a metric specific to each keyword that represents the number of times it is used on Google per month and for a particular geography. This data helps quantify commercial demand for a product or service.

4 - The current ranking position of your site in search results

If your website is already positioned close to the first page of Google for a query that respects the three previous factors, you are already close to the goal! This situation can represent an opportunity at hand that requires minimal SEO effort to achieve commercial and quantifiable visibility gain.

“53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search” - BrightEdge Research

Find the right strategy

The Preliminary Audit of your website

This first step aims to understand the current situation so that we can define the strategy that will have the greatest possible impact on your organic traffic. The audit is done from two distinct angles, specifically: 1) the current positioning of your site in the search results (SERP audit), and 2) the technical audit which will reveal opportunities for improvement “under the hood” of your site.

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Analysis of your target market

The positioning audit will reveal which queries—terms used by Internet users—your site is currently ranked for by Google. Search engine users click 99% of the time on the first page of results.

It is also important to find opportunities for keywords that are not currently indexed for your site. This is done via keyword research, another strategic service offered by ourGoogle Ads services.

This exercise allows us to identify targeted queries for which you want your website to rank on Google.

Execution of the Strategy by our Turnkey SEO Agency Service

Once the strategy is defined, it’s now a matter of executing it and monitoring the results over time. The actions to be taken are defined under the three pillars, described below.

On-page SEO includes all changes to be made to the content, HTML tags, and the URL of a page on your website. Typically, this is to align the content and terminology used with the target keywords that were defined during the strategy phase. However, it’s important to avoid keyword stuffing (adding too many SEO keywords in one phrase or paragraph); in fact, this practice has not worked for a long time .

Although technical SEO is part of the changes made to the site itself—similar to on-page SEO— it alludes to the loading speed of the website, a much more influential ranking factor in the last few years.

In addition, technical SEO includes the notion of website URL structure, which needs to be easily crawled and understood by search engine robots. This is done via several technical elements such as the sitemap.xml, robots.txt files and structured data. General maintenance of your website is important as well, for example, to avoid 404 errors.

Fortunately, these factors provide a superior user experience and that’s no coincidence! Google’s ranking algorithm has evolved to increasingly consider user experience.

Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your site to optimize its presence in search results.

The notion of domain authority and relevance is influenced by the presence of links on other websites that direct internet users to your site. This is commonly referred to as backlinks. This can happen naturally if your site offers quality content and is also done manually with specific initiatives.

This tells Google robots that your site is a reliable source of information. Backlink performance is tracked via a Domain Authority or Domain Rating score, depending on the SEO software used.

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