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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest... there's no denying that social networks are ubiquitous in this day and age and there are many different social media strategies.

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If you are not familiar with them and you are running a business, it is in your best interest to demystify them.

Social Media Why demystify?

For many reasons, but first and foremost to remain competitive in a fast-paced world. At PH Digital, an expert social media agency in Montreal, we believe in the infinite power of new technologies and offer our clients personalized solutions. In this article, you will discover the basics of this universe and, at the end of your reading, will know how social networks could contribute to the success and sustainability of your SME.

What are social media?

New technologies are not your cup of tea and you ask yourself: “What does a social network eat in winter? Here are some simple concepts to know.

Social media vs. social networks

Under the term "social media" are various social web sites and features.
These include :

  • Publish content (e.g. articles, photos, videos, files);
  • Discuss with other users and give your opinion;
  • To contribute to participatory projects.

In other words, social media encompasses a variety of applications, features or sites related to the development of interactions between Internet users.

A social network, on the other hand, is a site whose primary purpose is to connect users with each other. Social networks are therefore only one part of social media; blogs and discussion forums, for example, belong to social media, but are different from social networks.


The following five social networks are used in large numbers in the country:

Facebook (by far the most popular!);

B2C vs. B2B

In marketing and communication, the terms “B2C” and “B2B” are often used; the former meaning business to customer (a company targeting individuals), and the latter meaning business to business (a company targeting other companies).

Some social networks are more appropriate than others for reaching a target audience. For example, LinkedIn, one of the best known professional networks, is recommended for B2B, while Instagram is ideal for B2C.

Why use social media?

Your products and services are selling quite well, so why should you focus on social media?
Here's why.


Effective management of your social networks can have positive – and lucrative! – on your business.
By developing a winning strategy, you could for example :

  • Create a strong brand image;
  • Generate leads and sales;
  • Retargeting your digital visitors;
  • Create targeted audiences with high monetisation potential;
  • Achieve your sales targets;
  • Create viral competitions;
  • Maintain your reputation and credibility;

However, it is important to feed your social networks correctly and regularly in order to reap the full benefits. Publications that are too sparse, muddled or that miss their target will sabotage your efforts. For this reason, entrusting this mission to a social media manager specialized in Social Media Optimization (SMO) is without a doubt a smart choice to avoid “missing the boat”.

In addition, managing your social networks properly shows your customers that you care, which is essential to building loyalty!


From the outset, it is important to distinguish between “organic” publications, i.e. content that your company publishes on its page to its subscribers without paying the company behind the social network, and “paid” advertising, which allows you to reach more people in a more targeted way.

There are many factors to consider when developing a social media advertising campaign. Once again, you need to think carefully before you start! Among other things, you need to define your objectives (e.g., create a buzz about a new product, find out what your customers think about a given subject), establish your budget (there’s no escaping it!), determine your target clientele, and choose the advertising format.

To avoid beginner’s mistakes, entrust your campaigns to professionals who master SMA (Social Media Advertising). They will know how to adopt the most appropriate targeting to reach your potential customers where they are most active. In fact, SMA allows companies to select the reach of their ads according to the budget allocated – the more generous the budget, the more visibility you get!

How to communicate well on social networks?

Innovating on social media requires flair and concrete planning!

Several elements need to be combined in order to achieve a successful communication strategy.


Who are your publications aimed at?

To achieve your marketing objectives, you need to profile your persona (target customer) or avatar, if applicable.

Here is an example of a persona that could have been created by a car dealer in Longueuil:

  • Rachel
  • 45 years old, Quebecer of European origin
  • Annual income between $50,000 and $75,000
  • With the environment at heart
  • Likes camping
  • Mother of teenage athletes
  • Lives on the South Shore of Montreal

Once the persona has been found, it is important to select the social networks visited by the “Rachels” and to adapt the content so that they all feel addressed!


It is relevant here to differentiate between the role of a social media manager, who creates publications on behalf of the company, and that of a community manager, who communicates with Internet users by answering their questions, animating discussions, acting as a moderator, in short, providing ongoing customer service to your company’s community, i.e. the people who subscribe to your page.


To be successful on social networks, you need to know what the people who use them look like. Currently, the following trends can be noticed:

  • People of all generations are “addicted” to Facebook;
  • Young women and influencers are fond of Instagram;
  • News freaks love Twitter;
  • Professionals gather on LinkedIn;
  • There are plenty of artists on YouTube.

Of course, if your company specialises in a ‘niche’ area, you can benefit from reaching out to them on less popular networks that are used extensively by your people!

Communication tools

In addition to establishing a schedule for the distribution of your content, you will need to use various tools to carry out your advertising campaigns or administer your content on social networks. At PH Digital, we can show you the features of the most effective tools to optimize your social media management.

Facebook Business Manager (Paid advertising)

At PH Digital, we create and/or optimise your paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Here are some of the things we will do to achieve your social media goals;

  • Creation of your FBM (Facebook Business Manager) account and advertising account;
  • Creation of your advertising campaigns and ad set ;
  • Definition, creation, segmentation and optimization of your audiences, budgets, types of ads, objectives and campaigns funnels;
  • Creation of scenarios of online user journey and on social media;
  • Creation of optimal paid ad formats according to campaign objectives;
  • Creation and optimization of text & visual content for advertisements by ad set and ad format;
  • Optimization of visual types (images, videos, carousels, storys, messenger, slideshow, collection, playable ads, etc.);
  • Configuration and integration of pixels and data measurement infrastructure;
  • Configuration of customised results reports;
  • Configuration of chatbot strategies according to organic & paid strategies, as well as conversion funnels according to objectives;
  • Optimization of funnels according to the online & offline customer journey;
  • Optimization of your landing pages and lead capture pages.

LinkedIn (Social Selling)

At PH Digital, we help your company use LinkedIn to its full potential. Through Social Selling strategies, we quickly generate sales leads and
business discussions for your teams while developing a network of hyper-qualified prospects from which to extract ultra-rich data. Trust us, this will greatly increase your marketing ROI!

Our approach

Our approach is based on strategy, technology and training. When we help companies make the best use of LinkedIn, we work hand-in-hand with them through the entire process, from target determination to lead generation to content creation.

Our LinkedIn strategy

Identification of typical prospects and target companies
Creation of personal branding as well as writing and optimization of profiles
Adding targeted relationships
Creation and execution of lead conversion strategies
Content strategy creation

To find out more, book your free consultation with one of our SMM social media experts.