Web Development & Website Design Agency in Montreal for UX/UI Optimization

If you are on this page, you probably don't have a website yet or you are thinking about redesigning your current website and/or optimising it in terms of user experience (UX) & conversion

That's good

PH DIGITAL puts at your service a team knowledgeable and creative senior programmers, integrators, writers, translators and web designers. These experts will know how to create a website in your image, which fully respects your reality, your strategy and best practices in terms of user experience.

Your site: a question of credibility

Did you know that 75 % of your visitors will assess your credibility in your field of activity based on your site alone?

A site in your image

Before starting your site, we invite you to visit various showcase or e-commerce sites to determine which styles you like ... and which ones you don't.

Of course, to make your choice easier, we will also suggest models which, in our experience, are the most suitable for your products or services. We want to make a site that looks just like you because, after all, it's your DNA!

The trend is for difference

Saviez-vous que 59 % des internautes préfèrent un site web au design intéressant et original? Ces derniers passeront donc plus de temps sur un site qui se démarque par son esthétisme.


If you invest time and money in a new site, it is so that it is viewed. This is why, from its conception, we will optimize it for the natural referencing (or organic referencing or even SEO).

With a good SEO campaign, your site will be in the top first results Google searches with the keywords and
search terms that you consider important and that we have selected with you.

A site which contains, from its conception, all the important elements in SEO and which respects the best practices of Google and its algorithms will allow you
save significant sums in the future (otherwise you will have to revise your site’s content sooner or later to make sure it ranks well).

In addition, your financial return gradually increases in relation to the organic positioning of your site on search engines.

A website that converts your visits into leads and sales

In order for your site to perform as expected, it is important to optimize it for the sales funnel. Ultimately, the content of your site should pique the curiosity of the vast majority of its visitors, no matter where they are in their search or purchase process.

To do this, a good knowledge of the different stages of the sales funnel is essential.

First stage or TOFU (Top of the Funnel)
this is the step of finding information to answer a question or fill a need. At this time, the user is not yet aware of the solutions available to him. You must then present him, with your site, informative content (in a relatively concise manner) that will enlighten him in his problem solving while leading him to seriously consider your products or services.
Second stage or MOFU (Middle of the Tunnel)
this is the stage where the user determines which products or services are most attractive to them in terms of quality and / or price. At this point, you need to answer the same questions you asked before, but in more detail. To do this, you can design targeted landing pages. You must also prove to him your expertise or the added value of your products while joining his values.
Third stage or BOFU (Bottom of the Tunnel)
this is the decision-making stage. The user, now a prospect, is very interested in your offer. At this point, you have to convince him to choose you from among the other 2 or 3 competitors that he has chosen and to make the purchase. The user here particularly wishes to consult customer cases and evaluations of your products or services. You must also offer him tutorials, free trials, samples, promotions, site visits or other in order to convert him into a customer. This is where you should entice the prospect to contact you.


The first thing you need to do with a website is to ensure your presence on the web, which is no longer an option these days. With it, you will be able to demonstrate to your potential clients your expertise and why they should do business with you rather than a competitor.

To achieve this, let's improve the user experience (UX)

Through all the stages of redesigning your site, our agency web will pay particular attention to the user experience, which will keep your prospects on your site longer and increase their interest in your products or services.

Using the most advanced technologies and software, such as Hotjar, CrazyEgg, FullStory, Mouseflow, Ptengine, Clicktale, Invision, Adobe Experience Design and many others, we will apply best practices in terms of user experience . We will first take the time to analyze and understand the web behavior of Internet users who have visited your old site so that its redesign improves the conversion rate and increases the number of leads.

Concretely, what can be done for a better user experience?

  • Improve existing content (quality / relevance of information and quality of language).
  • Add additional content as needed / remove unnecessary content to make it easier to read.
  • Review the organization of the content on each page so as to engage and engage the user more.
  • Review the web design to improve the ergonomics of the site, including:
    the interface (images / videos / graphics and other visual elements, colors, fonts, etc.);
    the site tree structure – the organization of menus and pages;
  • Optimize the speed of the site.
  • Improve mobile navigation (responsive design).

Results that speak for themselves

Several customers who have entrusted us with the redesign of their site have seen their click-through and click-conversion rates literally double (from 4% to 8%, for example).

You too can double the number of new customers simply by opting for a redesign of your site!


Today, approximately 50 % search engine searches are done using smartphones. This is why it is crucial that your site is responsive (or reactive) , that is to say suitable for all display media, in order to to guarantee your potential customers a pleasant and friendly experience.

We will therefore make sure that your site is optimized for all screen sizes and resolutions (mobiles, tablets and computers) as well as for all web browsers. User experience (UX) is a determining factor in the future performance of your website.


You need an online store (e-commerce site).

The advantages of having an online store are numerous.

  • In addition to increase your sales , increase your profit margin by
    saving all the costs related to a physical store (rent, maintenance
    household, supplies, etc.).
  • Be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Become accessible everywhere on the planet.

Get to know your customers better through your online store

A huge advantage of the online store is that it allows you to collect valuable information about your customers and their habits, completely free of charge. We will send you a report of performance of your site which you
will allow you to learn:

  • the number of customers who visited your site each month;
  • how long these have been on your store;
  • what language do they speak;
  • where do they come from;
  • which items and products are the most sought after and most popular;
  • the sources that generated the most traffic;
  • the number of sales per product or per user;
  • the number of users who have added items to the shopping cart ;
  • and more.

Thus, you will be able to better understand your customers and modify your offer at
need to please him more.

A WordPress site

What is WordPress? Does PH DIGITAL use it for its websites?

WordPress est un système de gestion de contenu (content management system ou CMS), soit une plateforme destinée à construire des sites web. Notre agence s’en sert couramment pour concevoir des sites web pour ses clients.

Sur WordPress existe une panoplie de modèles et thèmes de sites web personnalisables selon les goûts et les besoins du consommateur. Il s’agit du CMS le plus utilisé au monde : 26 % des sites internet du monde entier sont conçus avec celui-ci. Si le New York Times et Best Buy ont des sites WordPress, vous pouvez vous aussi vous fier à cette plateforme.

Notez que nous développons également des sites entièrement sur mesure à l’aide d’autres plateformes : nous déterminerons avec vous la meilleure option en fonction de vos besoins, de vos objectifs et de votre budget.

The advantages of designing your website with WordPress

The advantages of WordPress are numerous. Here are a few:

It is more affordable than a "regular or fully custom" website.
It is open source software, that is, its codes and plug-ins are modifiable and extensible at will. For our web programmers (and for you), this is pure freedom.
It is multi-user, which means that different contributors can work on your site simultaneously.
It is intuitive and easy to use, so you can do updates yourself, without having to pay a programmer to do it.
It is a reliable and efficient system.
Wave Wave

Why entrust an agency with the design of my website ...
... if I can do it myself with WordPress or another online platform?

With WordPress, anyone who can follow and understand tutorials can design a basic website. However, you will need to spend a lot of time learning the software. If you are unfamiliar with coding and HTML, you will find it difficult to optimize your site for search engines and SEO, for example. Without a correct natural referencing , your site is unlikely to be visited often.

You should also consider the pages and their content (quality and optimized for SEO), titles (H1, H2, H3, etc.) meta descriptions, titling your photos strategically using alternative tags (alt tags), customer conversion techniques, and best practices in design for user experience, among other things. If you are a bit lost, that’s okay. This is why you might prefer to entrust the design of your website to the professionals of PH DIGITAL.

Website creation: our guarantees

Once your online store or showcase site is finished, we guarantee that it will be:

professionally written in the desired tone
written using a defined SEO infrastructure
optimized for natural referencing (or organic referencing or even SEO)
comprehensive and easy to understand
made up of engaging content that encourages conversion
visually captivating, aesthetic and modern, to retain users as long as possible
ergonomique, pour une expérience utilisateur optimale;
responsive, is compatible with all display media and web browsers
intuitive and easy to use, so you can update yourself

To find out more, book your free consultation with one of our strategists now!